Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trailerpop?
Trailerpop is a trivia game & movie discovery platform delivering trailers & trivia for thousands of films.

How can I play Trailerpop?
Trailerpop is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play. A version for Facebook is coming soon!

Is an internet connection required to play Trailerpop?
Yes - since Trailerpop streams all of its video content, a connection is required to play.

How do I get a higher score?
The faster the answer, the more points earned. Multipliers can also be achieved by hitting several correct answers in a row. If you aren't familiar with the trailer or question, try making an educated guess instead of skipping to the next title. 

What's the Screening Room?
The Screening Room is a special area containing cast & crew interviews, movie snippets & other bonus video clips. The contents of the room are also updated over time to stay current & fresh.

Why can't I get tickets for / rent this film using Trailerpop?
Availability for any given film is dependent upon player region, theater listings & the respective catalogs of each service.

Where can I find more information about Trailerpop?
Stay up to date with Trailerpop & the movies by checking us out on Facebook & twitter.

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